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    I don't normally promote stuff, but I'm a huge fan of Wil Wheaton. Many of you may know that Star Trek brought me and Mister together. The early years of our marriage were spent in front of the tube watching reruns of ST:TNG, still debating over who was more annoying: Troi or Riker, and whether or not I'd look good in Geordy's gold banana clip--I mean, eyewear.

    Wil Wheaton has been nominated for Best Celebrity Blogger in the annual Blogger's Choice Awards. He's currently running second to Rosie O'Donnell.

    Honestly, I don't care what her politics are, but her blog is nowhere near as interesting as Wil's. She posts a lot of youtube crap, some cute pictures from her life, a few insights and a few rants. She has a rather long list of other places she thinks are interesting, and you can find out about her cruise and her foundation. She appeals to a rather select (albeit populous) portion of America. The comments posted by her fans, however, make me wanna puke. I really didn't think people could gush that much and still have their intestines intact.

    Rosie's regulars appear to be the shmaltzy, soccer-mom crowd. My kids play soccer; I am not a soccer mom. I am also not involved in a non-traditional relationship, although I support anyone who is. I just don't want to read about it every other day. I can't depend on visiting Rosie's blog every day, or even once a week, and find something that appeals to me.

    Wil, on the other hand, posts information that eventually will appeal to somebody. I'm not into poker, but if I wait a day, there may be some snippet of his family life that's always interesting, or some fun thing he's found on the internet, something geeky, an excerpt from his online commitments, or a reminder to check out some of his camera-time. He's always funny, and if he doesn't appeal to me today, he will tomorrow.

    So here's the situation: Wil is currently being crushed by about 4k votes. Wil does not have a national television program to use as a promotional device, unlike Rosie who does have and has used The View to promote her site both for readers and for votes. Wil also does not actively promote this competition on the site that he maintains, nor does he use his connections as a free-lance writer with world-wide popular websites to promote the competition.

    Wheaton fans on Fark attempted to help him out, but that apparently caught Rosie's attention and she stepped it up a notch. (Please note: Farkers are nothing like a pro-Rosie crowd, and the comments many left after voting were rather nasty and/or beyond the pale. I don't recommend reading the comments left for either blog on the competition site, unless they've been sanitized by the site mods.)

    Take a few moments to go to the competition website. Check out the two blogs (W / R) if you want to make sure you're voting for the site that appeals to you most. They allow you to vote for more than one blog in each category, you just can't vote for the same blog twice.


    Beav said...

    Unfortunately, I have already voted, so I can't even narrow the gap by 1. However, I think the Farkers farked themselves on this one. I suspect a large part of the Rosie surge has to do with the nasty comments they imparted. They inspired a Rosie defense.

    Soo Mi said...

    You know, they almost inspired me, too. They can be a right nasty bunch, esp after the beer gets flowing. The main reason I don't post there very often. You can't post anything even remotely thoughtful, because you'll most certainly get flamed, and defending yourself is like arguing with a monkey.