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  • Hurricane Frauds

    Hurricane Frauds

    Recently, a woman was arrested in my town accused of defrauding people. Her alleged ruse was a claim that she was a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

    Locals were beginning to open their hearts and their wallets to this woman, which is what ultimately led to her downfall. She got greedy quite quickly, which raised suspicion. The investigation determined that the woman had never lived in Louisiana at all, and in fact had a job and a place to live in another town nearby.

    Our greater metro area is housing hundreds of legitimate victims of the hurricane, who deserve some compassion and a help up. Unfortunately, it’s greedy people with little or no conscience, like this woman, who make us all just a little bit wary of helping out.

    Why can’t people just be honest these days?

    Who was the dumbass who thought up the slogan for this year's Pathetic--I mean, Pittsburgh Pirates?!?

    Their website shows their logo as a diner sign with the catchphrase "Come Hungry."


    All I have to say, whatever that knucklehead was smoking, I'll pass. It's also rather unfortunate that their lameass slogan kindof mirrors their current season. Pirates baseball. Now there's a real snoozer. The only thing more idiotic than buying a ticket for a Pirates game is buying a ticket for the Indians, but that's another day's comments.

    Come hungry. Whatever.