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  • Mr President, you need to read this...

    This is amazing. And predictable. The Iranian president is losing support. Thank goodness. People who can't get food or conduct their business thanks to sanctions tend to get a bit upset when the reason those sanctions were placed scoffs at said sanctions.

    Now, all that needs to happen is for the USA to just back off and let him self-destruct.

    Are you listening, Mr President? Hello? //hears the wind whistling again...

    The Laws of Irony are Strictly Enforced

    I have psychology tomorrow morning, 10 am. Joy!

    Seriously, folks, this one's tricky. You see, Friday the prof was away so we had a "supplemental assignment." Since the course is "Human Development Psychology," and we're covering the psycho nature of maturing from birth to death, and since the semester has only just started, we're covering birth right now.

    For the assignment, we were directed to the PBS website where we will watch a selected section of The Miracle of Life. The section covers ovulation to embryo, about two weeks. We're supposed to watch this section, give it a decent review, and then mention anything new that we learned from the clip.

    Considering I've got three kids and first saw this video when I was 12, I can't possibly think what I might learn at this late stage.

    Wish me luck! I think I'm gonna need it.

    Some Day Lad, All This Will Be Yours!

    Art Appreciation 101. Covers the dawn of man until the 1600s, from cave scratchings to oil on canvas masterpieces to architecture. For me, it's all ho-hum until the architecture. Really! Consider this: 4000 years ago, before the invention of the steam engine but after the invention of the wheel, humans without "machines" built 50-foot tall pillars and erected stone monoliths carved from a single stone (Egypt). Also without benefit of modern machinery, humans carved rocks weighing tons and then transported them the length of a marathon (Wales/England). Astounding!

    Although, if I were asked to place a wager, I'd put a fiver on "Aliens" and a fiver on "Leprechauns."

    And so we cover the Palace of Knossos, of the ancient Minoan culture, Isle of Crete. I'm listening to Grampa Cook talk about the lifespan of the palace site like he was there, man, its multi-levelness, its grand architecture, its wall art that is for the sake of art and not iconic, when I get yanked out of my reverence for the opulence by a movie sketch.

    The Palace of Knossos was built near a fault like that was rather active at the time, 4000-5000 years ago. The site itself shows evidence of occupation from about 3000 BCE, but records indicate the first 'palace' was not begun until 1000 years later. It was destroyed by earthquake. The palace was rebuilt. It was conquered, inhabited by foreigners for a thousand years, then caught fire and burned down, only to be rediscovered 3000 years later and opened for the public.

    Which brings me straight to Monty Python.

    //paraphrase: Everyone said you can't build a castle in a swamp, but I built anyway. The first castle sank into the swamp. The second castle caught fire, fell over and then sank into the swamp. But the third castle stayed open!

    All of a sudden, the ancients just got interesting.

    And here's one I made earlier!

    A short while ago, I decided I was bored and opened Paint. This was the result. I'm not an artist; my stick drawings are weak compared to a 2-year-old's. But I thought this was sort-of lovely.

    It's so sad, I can't even cry

    Yesterday, our neighborhood experienced a terrible tragedy. A high school freshman hanged himself in his home and later died.

    The details are sketchy, but initial indications are that the child had not shown signs of depression or suicidal tendencies. So, I assumed the child was playing "the choking game," where a person simulates being choked in order to get high. Just like taking illegal drugs, this so-called game is just as addictive, and obviously just as dangerous, if not more so.

    If this child's death was in fact suicide and no one noticed "the signs," then this was a grim reminder to us all to show more concern for others than for ourselves. If this was an accidental death, as I think it may prove to be, please let the teens in your life know they don't have to do this, that there is help out there if they can't stop, and that no matter what they will always have your love. Death is forever. You may not be planning your death, but you'll die just the same.


    And remember: Never ever let your last words be ugly.


    UPDATE: Authorities have determined that this young teen had intended to commit suicide after an argument with parents. The seriousness of the dangers of the so-called game outlined above is not diminished by the results of the investigation. Please -PLEASE- continue to talk with your kids (or your friends' kids) about how fragile their lives are. Be their beacon of hope, be someone they can trust with their confidences, and be truthful always.

    That was SO last week...

    I usually don't blather on about my personals unless there's a comedic element to be found, because it's all mostly rather boring. The usual mundane, routine married-with-kids blah-de-blah, with a touch of college-student panic from time to time.

    I have decided to apprise my fellow intertubers (ha! I said 'tubers'!) of our current situation which is decidedly less mundane and routine than usual. Mister will be traveling post-haste for training which will enable him to go all medieval in the Middle East, or at least file paperwork with lightening-fast proficiency.

    Therefore, I will be spending the better part of this year without the benefit of regular adult company. So I ask you, my lovely readers, when I begin to sound rather more insane than usual, if I have lost my comedic sparkle, to remember that's it's just temporary, and a quick marathon of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker films of the 70s will perk me back up in no time!
    "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking!"

    Window Shopping For Blinds

    This is a visual, so you'll have to work with me.

    First, find a mirror. Then, put your hands up so that they're about level with your ears. Open your fingers wide, smile really big and then wiggle your hands.

    Congratulations! You've just executed your first "Deaf Clap."

    You see, the Deaf Community has created its own version of applause. Since regular clapping is an audio thing, for obvious reasons they need something different.

    But that got me to wondering as I begin my second ASL (American Sign Language) class: do they have their own Golf Clap, and if so, how does it go?

    I'm more a super hero than super villain. That's a good thing, right?

    Once upon a time at the Obscure Store, I was compared to a Cylon. I decided to not be offended. Recently, Ensign Crusher... I mean, Wil Wheaton reviewed his year in blogging and included his results from a couple of quizzes concerning super heroes and super villains. I decided that since I'm a Grand Moff Tarkin and a Cylon, I was rather curious to see where I stood in the world of Comics.

    If I were a super villain, this is me, which I completely don't understand since when it asked if I was overweight, I clicked the 'strongly agree' dot. If only.... (PS... Looks like I need a jacket, eh?)

    Your results:
    You are Mystique

    Dr. Doom
    Mr. Freeze
    Dark Phoenix
    The Joker
    Poison Ivy
    Lex Luthor
    Green Goblin
    Sometimes motherly, sometimes a beautiful companion, but most of the time a deceiving vixen.
    Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

    Of course, if I were a superhero, this would be me:

    You are Spider-Man
    Green Lantern
    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Iron Man
    You are intelligent, witty,
    a bit geeky and have great
    power and responsibility.
    Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

    The only thing that kept me from punching my computer was the fact that at 3 of the 11 were chicks, and Wonder Woman was in the top 5.

    Does this mean I can keep my cool boots and funky utility belt?