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  • I have seen the enemy...

    I have something of a situation at work.

    One of the contractors at my building has seriously freaked me out. He has behaved in such a way that I felt stalked and threatened. I reported the situation to management, and thought it was handled. The person to whom I confided did "do something," but, as it turned out, not enough "something."

    Last night, as my work buddies would say, the shit got real.

    The contractor tried to approach me inside my workplace. I told him to go away, but he did not stop. So I ran away. I couldn't scream, because I work in retail, but I high-tailed it to the nearest cashier. She seemed surprised to see me and I realised she couldn't see what had happened, so I blurted out, "I'm just going to stand here and watch you work for a few minutes." I kept my eye on the guy until he gave up and walked away without another word to me.

    His next move, however, was to report to the night manager that an employee "went nuts" on him, and he wanted something done about it. I was called back to talk to the night manager, not knowing what had been said. I was asked to tell what was going on. It seemed an odd request, because surely everyone knew.

    When I finished telling the whole story, the level of fury the night manager was keeping under control was staggering to behold.

    It turns out that the manger to whom I confided kept the situation under wraps, so that no one else, not my immediate supervisor nor the night-time manager, knew what was going on or that I needed extra supervision/protection.

    I do love my job and my coworkers, but my workplace has become a battleground now. I have had setbacks with my PTSD because of this. Poor Mister. He has endured so much, and I had made such good progress only to regress. But to continue to work there, requiring an escort from the building after dark thanks to this schmo...

    We will see what the next few days will bring as my champion, Sir Steven, kicks ass and takes names. He was most displeased to be the last to know of this situation, and as I'm his favourite employee (his words, not mine), he was particularly cross.