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    Today I am starting a little game, which will reappear sporadically as new fodder is discovered. It's a little trivia game that will normally have no certified correct answer, but the person with the most creative, outrageous answer, or the one closest to mine, wins my admiration for the day, as well as an Intarwebs Warm Fuzzy.

    The game? It's called, "What hell does that mean?!"

    How do we play? Well, as I tool about town in the Family Campster, I spot personalized plates all the time. Most are local, a few are from out of state. Occasionally, the creativity-challenged will have obvious plates with the initials of the two adults in possession of the car. But there are always the plates with the worked-over spelling that makes you just stare until you nearly rear-end them.

    I'll post a plate, and anyone can interpret and share their ideas about that plate. Try to be creative, but post whatever stirs your brain. I do reserve the right to delete anything that offends me; if it offends you, stop reading. Remember, I'm the important one here. :)

    And so to start this fantabulous adventure in insanity, I give you your first plate:


    I know what I thought when I first saw it. Go ahead and tell me what you think it says.

    Go on. You know you want to.

    Also, feel free to email me with any plates you saw that you think would lend to this game. You don't need to say what type of car, or even what state.

    I just want to wish you good luck. We're all counting on you.

    The time? The time?! Who's got the time?

    Maturity is often more absurd than youth and very frequently is most unjust to youth.

    -Thomas A. Edison

    What is an adult? A child blown up by age.

    -Simone de Beauvoir

    Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do. It is much easier to skip it and go from one childhood to another.


    Timing is everything. When the time is right, good things happen. If the timing is off, disasters of incomprehensible magnitude can occur. Just ask this poor schlub, who was unfortunate enough to make the decision to move into his girlfriend's apartment on the same day her ex-husband was moving out.

    Thanks, Fark, for making my day just that little bit funnier.

    What light, through yonder window breaks!

    I have a friend who breaks my heart every time I think of him. And then XKCD publishes this strip, and my heart breaks for him yet again:

    To Be Wanted

    I really do need to find this guy a really nice single gal who isn't a skank or at least not commitment-phobic. Do you have any idea just how hard that is?

    Sin Wagon

    I was waiting for my lunch to finishing nuking, and I started thinking about food. That's ironic, isn't it?

    I started thinking of foods that are often referred to as, "sinful:" cheesecake, chocolate, certain cream-based sauces, black forest cake, etc. Certainly, these foods and many others do deserve some type of exotic labeling, but are they truly sinful? In my opinion, these foods are best described as "special occasion" fare.

    To me, the most truly sinful food is bread.

    Think about it: warm, fresh-baked bread slathered with butter, a pizza crust dusted with oregano and parmesan, the crust of a cinnamony apple pie, crackers and cheese, even just a slice of bologna between two slabs of WonderBread. You know of what I speak.

    Nothing on this planet equals the joy of bread. Sure, a well-made cheesecake from an excellent recipe is a delight, but nothing excites me more than the aroma of bread in any of its many forms.

    I often tell people that if I suddenly developed an allergy to chocolate, I'd ask to be put out of my misery. The truth is, I can live without chocolate. There are so many other concoctions that are equally yummy that I'll get over it with time. However, to go one day without bread would be like death itself for me.

    nothing left

    Today I witnessed the penultimate in dumbassery. It was so fantastic, I doubt I shall ever see anything as idiotic as what happened today. That's really saying something, because I have a preteen son, and he is yet unfinished.

    Picture in your mind.....

    A spur road, winding gracefully along the length of a college campus, busy with students anxious to begin the new semester.

    A young man astride his gas-friendly scooter, driving purposefully along the spur... with one hand on the handlebars, the other clutching his cellphone to his ear.

    No helmet.

    No safety gloves.

    No eye protection.

    Backpack hanging too far to one side of his back.

    Yes, my friends, I have seen everything. You can all go about your business and stop trying to impress me, because if you're honest with yourself, how can you possibly top that without adding a talking monkey?

    Your mother was a hamster!

    Top this, Lovely Readers!

    Found this fun, um, game courtesy of Fark.

    Try this out for yourself. Just draw something,
    and watch physics happen! Or something.

    Yesterday's tomorrow is now today!

    And water is wet. Just in case you didn't know.

    A very warm fuzzy and best wishes for an excellent 2008, Lovely Readers! What's in store for you?

    I have one more semester of Biology before the most painful series of my college endeavors comes to a close.

    I have 2000+ pounds to lose before me move to an as-yet-determined location. Two thousand pounds of household junk, that is.

    I will be enrolling the fam at the YMCA. Our local hosts kids' aerobics classes as well as for grown-ups, open swim time in the pool, and ping-pong. My goal is to drop a stone or three and climb their rock wall. Mister's goal is to pass his PT test. My goal for the kids to get them off their butts and try new stuff. Or at least shut off the Wii.

    We will more than half our debts this spring, and delete them by the end of summer. Except for The Albatross, but Mister seems pretty keen on keeping that. "Income," he calls it. Whatev.

    At some point this summer, I will visit my family. Maybe. :P

    And so here's me, wishing you and yours a most excellent and fantasmajestic 2008. As always, mi casa es su casa. The kettle's always ready!