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  • Strange things are afoot *Updated*

    My cat snores and talks in her sleep.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

    PS--apparently, this particular post is
    my official 100th post, once unpublished
    drafts are taken into consideration.

    You can't handle the flute!

    OOOH! This is totally awesome! I swear, sometimes teh interwebtubes is just wicked cool. I grew up on a steady diet of The Muppet Show and being woken up at about 4 am every morning to my baby brother turning on Star Wars.

    My dad had a video-disc machine and this DJ system of four six-foot speaker towers (one per corner) and an amplifier/equalizer system that took its own circuit in the fuse box--serious sound. The den was directly underneath all the bedrooms, and when Mad Dog would get the urge for some Star Wars, saying "this one goes to eleven" doesn't even touch getting jolted out of sound sleep to the sound of the Fox Studios drumroll. Hell, reveille wasn't that impressive.

    But this is... Gad, I love this guy. The fact that this guy not only blended the two main themes from my two favorite non-Star Trek televisimatic funtime, but adding the beatbox is fantabulous.

    This is the guy's home page. Lots more video fun to be found.

    And also for your viewing pleasure, a truly funky white boy, playing music (sort of).

    STFU Museum... Wait, what?

    Found this through the good people of Fark:

    The great State of Arkansas has opened a museum in the quaint little town of Tyronza celebrating an organization which brought together the sharecroppers of the region in order to better protect their jobs and job safety. Oppressed tenant workers and day laborers across Arkansas joined, both black and white, and invited women to join, encouraging them to accept some leadership roles.

    This organization was run on Socialist principles, which ultimately led to its downfall during the 1950s McCarthy era. During their 20-ish years, they endured heavy criticism, arrests and even a few beat-downs. But endure they did, until advancing technology, subsequent mass migration of farm workers to the cities, and the anti-Communist/anti-Socialist mindset of the 1950s made the group "increasingly irrelevant."

    The organization called itself "Southern Tenant Farmer's Union." The museum is named for the group, and the article shortened the organization's name into a quaint acronym: "STFU."

    Hope you enjoyed this little foray into history. Now GBTW!

    Many thanks to the Arkansas Times for posting a well-written article.

    It's my birthday! *Updated*

    Today is my birthday!

    Here was me, back when I was 17.

    Here's me, 17 years (and 3 kids) later:

    I'm on the left. I'm also the only one who's sober.

    update: Tom on mySpace declared my birthday as being the highest traffic day for mySpace ever. I totally rock.

    This hardly helps.

    You Are a Christmas Sweater!

    Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.
    You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

    A damn christmas sweater. Further proof that if there is a god, s/he does not like me. This is so very wrong, wrong, wrong. I am not tacky! I am... Ummm, uh, well...

    As you were.

    Oh, the irony

    Kill da wabbit, indeed. Click this, read, then scroll down to my previous post.

    the one about a very big pain and the boy who looks like a chick

    Peeps, I have misplaced the notes I made for my compendium site "Jackass: The Research." I had watched both movies--within 24 hours, mind you--and had made a note of every joke, every stunt, every bad prank and at what time in the film they occurred.

    Recently, I engaged in a bit of "Home Makeover." My dining room's far wall was a literal bank of technology and looked a mess. I bought cabinets to replace the desks and downsized a ton of junk. One does not realize the massive amount of rain forest one accumulates over the years until one has to remove 90% of it en masse.

    And now the notes are gone.

    What this means for you is that you will have to wait longer for my research site to be ready. What this means for me is that I will have to watch those damn movies again. I think this time I will actually watch the 'unrated' versions, since that is what most teens and young adults are watching. The plan is to also eventually watch the regular seasons as well, at least until my brain explodes.

    By the way, has anyone invented the Brain Cleanser Brush yet?


    On a side note, I wanted to point out that while Swangirl's Cygnet no longer looks like Ty Pennington, he now looks like that little yellow chick from the Loony Toons cartoons. You remember the one with Foghorn Leghorn in the rickety henhouse who decides to schmooze up ol' Prissy because her henhouse is all nice and cozy--"I need your love to keep me warm!" But Prissy says she can't marry him unless he makes nice with her son, Egghead, Jr. The kid proceeds to outwit, outmaneuver, and blow up Foghorn until he declares, "I've got my bandages to keep me warm!" as he stomps off into the sunset.

    Check this out:

    Maybe it's just me, but...

    It probably helps (me) that Egghead, Jr was my absolute favorite character from the Warner Bros/Loony Toons stable of cartoons ever. My favorite individual cartoon, however, will forever be the "Spear and Magic Helmet" bit with Bugs and Elmer doing the opera.

    It just keeps growing and growing...

    For your viewing pleasure, Swangirl sent me an updated photo of her little Cygnet. Boy is he getting big! At least he doesn't look like Ty Pennington anymore.

    And just think, pretty soon, he'll be driving! I'm thinking he's gonna get tired of all green pretty soon. You might want to start planning for the revolt, Swangirl!

    Today and when he came home from the hospital


    PS: Confession time: this particular post is actually my 100th post, not the one previously posted as the 100th post. I'm a dork, and that's all I have to say about that.