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  • If this is a joke, it isn't funny.

    So my car was stolen Saturday. It was finally found last night, and we'll be coordinating with our insurance to get it back from South Carolina and repaired or replaced. My identity was compromised, and I had to jump through those hoops. As a precaution, my workplace had to change its locks. Good fun.

    But wait! There's more!

    At some point while shopping at the mall two weeks ago, my daughter's debit card was scraped. We've had nearly $800 stolen from us.

    I work at a bank, and I don't constantly monitor our accounts. Bad form, I know, but that's how it is. But today after work, some paranoia caused me to take a second look, and I noticed an overdraft sweep out of my account. In a panic, I check the other accounts and see that my daughter's account is sitting on empty, when it should have had at least $300. Further review shows that it's actually almost $200 overdrawn. This will be swept from my account tonight to cover it, leaving me with a big hole in my account.

    It didn't register with the fraud department because the thieves did not use the scraped numbers outside of my metro area. Except that The Girl doesn't even know where these businesses are, there's no flag unless we are vigilant. The girl wasn't checking her account because she wasn't using it.

    Super double bonus: Her account is tied to my account which is tied to my savings account for overdraft protection....

    This could have been a major disaster.

    My advice: log in and check your account once a day. Be vigilant. She only used her card twice, and that's all it took to rob her blind. The sooner you notify your bank of fraud, the faster they can fix it and get your money back.

    Also, don't leave your work keys in your car.