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  • The Race Is On!

    I work at [redacted], a department store, in their "customer service" center. Obviously, if people have problems or questions, they come see me and my coworkers. An issue has been identified that has mystified the entire crew.

    From time to time, we cannot provide the service our customers ask of us. Whether it's a Corporate decision or the decision of the Zone Manager from our individual store, or if it's just a common-sense thing, sometimes we have to say, "No, sorry." Occasionally, 'That Thing' occurs, and everyone on my crew feels a little, well, pissed off about it.

    You see, everyone else who works on my crew is not the same skin colour as me. I have never seen this as an issue, for any reason, as I accept everyone at face value until they get in my face or disappoint my expectations. Unfortunately, it most definitely IS an issue.

    About once or twice a week, a customer will bring their problem to the Customer Service desk. It doesn't matter to whom they speak; That Thing crops up after they get denied and can't change the employee's mind. If they're speaking to me, they will turn to my coworker and say, "Sista! Sista! I just know you can do something for me? /wink wink/" If they are dealing with a coworker, they will turn to me and in a very patronizing and/or begging tone of voice, say, "Soo, ma'am, isn't there anything you surely can do for me?"

    Either I've denied them because I'm white and am racist, or I'm going to help them because I'm white and will surely help a brotha or sista out because I don't want to be seen as racist.

    And this, my friends, is why we cannot move forward as a society.