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    Dear, faithful readers: I have not abandoned you.

    Oh, no.

    Nor have I been ill, although I should have been.

    I've been recovering from a severe case of big-mouthus, combined with an attack of the stupids.

    A short while back a person was severely injured whilst being severely stupid, and the media declared this stupidity to have been 'inspired' by a Jackass movie. No one in the forum was sure if this was true, since only the moderator had seen even one of the movies. I instantly came down with an extreme case of big-mouthus and declared that not only would I watch both movies, but I would also document each act of moronic stupidity and post it on my blog so that we may fact-check any future declarations that a stunt was "Jackass-inspired."

    The attack of the stupids occurred a day later when I not only rented both films, but then watched both within 24 hours.

    Needless to say, if it were possible to open my skull and scrub my brain clean, it would have been done already.

    After watching each film, I felt unclean and morally deficient. Granted, the first film was rather funny in a juvenile way, although I still ended the film shaking my head and wondering just how much money MTV had to throw down for damage control. The second film was simply horrific. There were a couple of skits that had me giggle, but the pain these young men inflicted on themselves over and over again was staggering. Even more worrisome was the genuine fear these guys had about some of the stunts, but then they did them anyway. I can only hope there will never be a third film.

    I will be working on my report (and several exams for college) over the next week. Please stay tuned; I am sure you will not be disappointed.

    But if you are, keep it to yourself.

    This. Is. Wicked!! Star Wars, FTW!! Woot!

    Clicky. Oh, please, just clicky!

    Okay, click here.

    Oh man, oh man, oh man!

    I want one! Please? Can I, huh, huh?

    I found this on Fark, and the concept is just
    so awesomely wicked, I nearly passed out.

    Not like you could tell or anything...

    I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

    Here's a word for you:


    It's what makes us humans all the same, no matter what. You remember, way back in the day, when you were just a little egg, dividing, traveling down the fallopian tube (or syringe, if you're a TTB), preparing to implant. In those days, your name was Blastula, and you were fabula! That miracle of birth? Bah. Animals do that every day, every year. Spittin' out a kid (or 5) isn't a miracle.

    The real miracle is how the egg and the sperm-two incomplete cells, blend together to create not just one complete cell but a cell that's going to turn into millions of different groups of cells that then becomes a living, breathing, being.

    From a joined cell smaller than the head of a pin to a miniature copy of its parents-incredible!