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    On the drive to our Myrtle Beach Getaway in which it was snowing, we got to talking about illegal drugs. The conversation was relatively informative, and the children were asking very intelligent questions.

    Out of the blue, Mister asks if I recall any information about a very deadly drug that was being made from human feces. I did not, but the children all decided that it would be a very nasty drug and that anyone who smoked poop deserved anything bad that happened because of it.

    Then one of them pointed out that monkeys like to fling poop. The Boy says, "Now there's a weapon!"

    I said, "Sure, sh*t bombs would be effective against terrorism alright, but who's going to load the planes?"

    The Girl says, "Monkeys! You know, Gorilla Warfare!"

    The Boy says, "OMG! That would make an excellent video game. It could be the new 'Call of Duty.'"

    The Baby says, "Oh yeah! But we'd have to call it Call of Duty 7, because they've already made #2."

    I almost wrecked the car, I was laughing so hard I got dizzy. I love my family.

    65% of the time, it works all the time!

    Here's a fact: I missed an election.

    Here's my excuse: I really didn't know my region was involved.

    Here's what happened: The representative from "Augusta" was chosen to be the state's Attorney General or some such. He needed a replacement. The election came about one year after the newly-anointed AG took his post and his representative seat was vacated. All the news channels were talking about the election "in Augusta," but I live in "Greater Augusta," and I never saw any signs, billboards, or other pre-election pollution alerting me to my choices or that I should be involved.

    Here's how it ended: Apparently, people either thought like me or they just can't be bothered with an out-of-cycle election. 13% of eligible voters turned out to elect the representative for "Greater Augusta."

    Kinda sad, and I'm partly to blame. *sigh* Here's to hoping the newly-elected representative really is the good guy his opponent said he was.

    something something something dark side

    I was talking with the Network Guru, who got his start in the early days of UseNet in the universities, about my son, who's a budding computer geek. As mentioned previously, I broke the Wii. It was supposedly unfixable, I damaged the delicate internal components, etc.

    The Boy fixed it, although you can't tell by looking at it.

    Instead of asking me to buy a triangular screwdriver, he just kinda broke apart the plastic casing so he could get to the guts.

    Once inside the guts, he did a little fiddling. Then he either created or found a backdoor boot hack (I choose not to ask) and saved it to an SD card, which had to be inserted prior to start up. Once he got it booted, he used HomeBrew to download some more data and viola! A working [butt-ugly] Wii.

    Now he's trying to find a way to hack it so it can run Playstation discs.

    What I said to the Network Guru at work was that I just hope that in the future he bends back towards the path of good instead of the path of the Dark Side, as it seems he's doing right now.

    This, of course, brings me to tonight's discussion: If the evil part of The Force is called "the Dark Side," what is the good part called?