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  • Speeling is speshul

    As you all know, I adore personalized license plates. I especially love the ones that make no sense, and play a little game of "What the hell...?!" Some of you have played along with me.

    Today's plate issue isn't about plates that make no sense, but ones that do. Why am I bugged by plates that make sense? Because occasionally, they are misspelled in such a way that you just know the dolt had a cute idea but no clue or dictionary.

    For instance, this plate:


    Now, this person may be claiming to be a bad guy, in which case the spelling should have been "villain." Or this person could be claiming to live in serf-like conditions, in which case the spelling should have been "villein." Or perhaps it's a name thing, in which case I'm sure the spelling should have been "Vivian."

    I hope the person isn't really an idiot who can't spell but in fact changed the spelling because their idea was already registered. However, this should never be done. For god's sake, change some of the letters for numbers: two 1s instead of ls, for instance. Don't be publicly stupid on your permanent record.

    on the road again

    So I take the family campster for an oil change. The dealership had changed the van over from regular to synthetic, and so now the price of a standard oil change has doubled for me. Yes, this fills me with ultimate joy.

    The service I received today from a private oil-change company was fast, friendly and excellent. The interior was even vacuumed out, which I did not expect. My van runs well. You can feel how happy it is to have clean oil and a topped-up transmission. However, I think they made a mistake.

    According to my window sticker, I don't need to return for a new oil change until July 22, or 135,000 miles, whichever comes first. My current odometer reading: 73,000 miles. I'm supposed to drive 62,000 miles by July 22 before my next oil change? Awesome!

    I can't turn left here--there's no road!

    Mister wants a GPS. I've finally found one that will make me laugh enough to justify the expense:

    Courtesy of XKCD.

    Chivalry is not dead

    ....But it may just be barely breathing.

    I'm trying to raise my kids to be a bit old-fashioned. I think it's important for younger people to help out old people. I also remind my son to hold open doors for ladies. Mister was raised all right, and so were my brothers and I, but I saw something happen today that I've never experienced.

    I was at the grocery store on the military base. It was drizzly raining, and I was hurrying back to my van. As I walked past one car, a young adult got out of the driver's side and crossed to the other side of the car. He opened the passenger door, held out his hand, and helped his wife out of the car.

    And she wasn't even pregnant.

    It was so sweet. It's okay to hurl now.


    I know, it's a second post. But I swears it, Precious, you'll love this one!

    The Lord of the Rings MMORPG posted an update to the game today. You must see it.

    BTW, I love Fark--that's where I found this. I don't actually play MMORPGs. I just don't have the time right now, although I'd probably play this one if it wasn't a one-off joke.

    Smack that

    Holy cow, was I in a panic today!

    I had forgotten to check XKCD yesterday (I know!) so I went looky-look today. But it was gone. In its place was some other cartoon. It was okay, but it wasn't my 'webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.' And it wasn't even slightly PG.

    And then I realized it was April Fool's Day.
    [insert facepalm here]