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    It looks like England's national football is changing direction. Beckham is out. Came as a shock to me, but that's only because I'm a casual fan, and don't follow their every waking move.

    The move to replace David Beckham is a little on the sad side. He's only 31 this year, 2 years younger than me. I lived in England during the time he came out of obscurity and his star could not have shined more brightly. Before he became Mr. Posh Spice, and all the endorsements which took his mind away (ever so slightly, but still...) from The Beautiful Game.

    During the early 90's Beckham's feet were nearly impossible to follow except in slow-motion replay. His goals were like magic to people like me who were new to the sport. While he was very aware of his talent, in those days he still had a bit of modesty, which came off as very sweet to his female fans, at least.

    I can almost credit Beckham's skill alone for increasing my appreciation of The Game. There were other reasons I began watching the sport, one being that it is nearly impossible to go anywhere in England without being caught in a discussion--I didn't want to seem like an idiot. However, watching Beckham moving across the pitch was mesmerizing, and left me with the desire to watch even more soccer, which is something nearer to a miracle since I don't watch American Football.

    Many people have stated that the recent move to replace David Beckham as team captain and relegate him to just a player, perhaps even a bench-sitter to trot out for penalty kicks, is the beginning of the end to his career as a footballer. This sentiment has saddened me. I feel as though Beckham is my link back to England, a country I came to love as my own.

    If in fact his star does fade, I hope he does so with grace and maturity, similar to that shown during the World Cup when he not only gave over captaincy mid-game to John Terry , but helped JT put on the famed arm band. A lesser man would have thrown a fit, but not my Beckham.

    My compliments to David Beckham. He'll always be #1 in my heart.

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