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    Well, howdy! I finally got my butt in gear and downloaded Blogger for Word. Now I've got tons of crazy fronts and a half-dozen error messages. Woo-hoo! Big time!

    So I'm trolling around the Obscure Store yesterday (as I do every day) and Romenesko has posted an article about a cop who pretended to be in Iraq as a soldier so that he could continue to receive his police pay while on leave of absence. Where was he? Working in another US city as a contractor for Lockheed.

    Let me tell you, my panties bunched up real fast. What an absolute wanker.

    Here's this guy who thinks he's so damn special that he can scam his local taxpayers, lie to his employers and his public, all the while profiting from the misfortune of war. He is, without a doubt, the prime candidate for a bitch-slap.

    Such disrespect for the real soldiers who live the war every day, and those who paid the ultimate price. Disrespect for the families left behind to cope and carry on. Disrespect for the public who trusted him to uphold the law with honesty and fairness.

    To quote a favorite movie character of mine, the Indestructible Mushu: "OOOH! All right, that's it! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dis..."

    A regular to Obscure Store suggested the man be sent to Iraq to "earn" the money he wrongfully received through deception. If I were a soldier there, I'd send him back to the US postage-paid. If I lived in Delray Beach, I'd be asking for his badge and sidearm.

    No one wants a liar watching his back.

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