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    Here's a word for you:


    It's what makes us humans all the same, no matter what. You remember, way back in the day, when you were just a little egg, dividing, traveling down the fallopian tube (or syringe, if you're a TTB), preparing to implant. In those days, your name was Blastula, and you were fabula! That miracle of birth? Bah. Animals do that every day, every year. Spittin' out a kid (or 5) isn't a miracle.

    The real miracle is how the egg and the sperm-two incomplete cells, blend together to create not just one complete cell but a cell that's going to turn into millions of different groups of cells that then becomes a living, breathing, being.

    From a joined cell smaller than the head of a pin to a miniature copy of its parents-incredible!

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