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    All right. Enough with the sobbery. Time for some funny.

    Was patrolling the Obscure Store as I do during my weekday, and there was this lovely little story about a firecracker nun who got tired of hearing the daily swearfest on the playground. She decided to implement a zero tolerance code for swearing, and just to make sure everyone knew of which words she had banned, she read from a prepared list. There was some panty-bunching among the parents, to be sure, but most approved. How modern!

    Wait... Modern, at a Catholic school? Yup. The world has gone mad.

    So on the OS, we were tossing about some of our favorite naughty words that would slip under our parents' radars, mostly because they were Britishisms. Well, at least in my house--my parents had no idea what we were saying.

    Thanks to the many wonders of the internet, you no longer have to wonder whether you should belt someone upside the chops for calling you a "ginger tosser" or a "watery tart." Click here for a lovely list of my favorite Britishisms, as provided by The Zoo.

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