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    I'm getting my internet switched from [name redacted]'s most horrible DSL service to [name redacted]'s cable service. We had cable internet and phone from another company when we lived in Virginia, but thought that DSL would serve us better here in Georgia. Not so. At least, not so with the company I chose.

    So the problem we have is that my router is close to the desktops we have in the dining room. The nearest useable cable outlet is in the living room and will require a run of about 100 feet of coaxial cable to make it work. Not pretty and completely out of the question.

    So I delve into the yellow pages in order to find local computer supplies stores so that I may purchase a USB wi-fi adapter for each desktop. Because I'm slightly stunted in the brain, I always look at the right side of any book or magazine before I look at the left. Using the right side of the yellow pages, I found "computers-concrete."

    On the left-hand page, I found "colonic-computers."

    Augusta may be the crackhouse of Hell, devoid of a regular breeze and a 3D Imax theater, but at least you can get your colon irrigated locally.


    Beav said...

    And here, my first thought as I read was "what is a concrete computer?"

    Soo Mi said...

    You know, that's nearly what I thought when I read the guidewords in the phone book. The voice in my head said, "Hmmm. 'Computers, Concrete.' Certainly an Army purchase, and make no mistake."

    Beav said...

    Of course a 'colonic computer' is a beast of an entirely different color. (Probably brown)