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    I want Rock Band.

    I have a Wii.

    I have been told it's tons better on the XBox360.

    I need advice!

    In all seriousness, I am concerned. I don't want to shell out for a 360 just for one game, but I don't want a miserable Rock Band experience. A friend and 360 enthusiast claimed that the download capabilities of the Wii were not good enough for RB, but was too busy playing RB to elaborate.

    My kids often play MarioKart on the Wii using the worldplay feature, and can play for hours without getting booted off the wi-fi. Does this mean that our download experience won't suck as much as others, or simply that we can play MarioKart for hours?

    I have the right television for it, along with the wireless internet connection.

    Should I just shell out for the 360? And before you ask, the answer is no, I will not be buying other games to play on the 360. I really enjoy the Wii, and I play my gory shoot-em-ups online anyway.

    Feel free to enhance my knowledge and/or sway my decision in the comments section.


    Beav said...

    I don't know how different it is. I do know that they sell "booster packs" in the store, which seems to support the thesis that the DL caps aren't up to snuff. I don't recall seeing any songs for DL in the Wii store, though I don't have Rockband for the Wii, so it may just not be showing it to me.

    I know...not particularly helpful.

    Soo Mi said...

    Possibly helpful. It never occurred to this nerd to actually check the download store. Dur!