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    After assisting a particular customer at work, I moved on to the next customer, not giving any more thought to prior transactions. It's what I do: I help people, all day long, even if they're extremely upset or generally unpleasant.

    The aforementioned customer was exceedingly polite all through our engagement, which isn't anything special. However, he felt I went above and beyond to help him. After reaching his car, he picked something up and came back into the store because he had decided to give me "a little something."

    He gave me a "Repent and be saved" pamphlet.


    He said he just knew there was so much goodness in my heart, that he felt I needed to give myself over to Jesus (his words) and that this little pamphlet would help me find my way.

    All of this makes me wonder, is there some sort of Jesus-dar that scopes out the non-believers?

    I said nothing to any of our customers, ever, concerning religion, as my beliefs and opinions are none of their business. If anyone wishes me a "blessed day," I thank them kindly, and I appreciate the gesture regardless. I do not believe that kindness and good manners are restricted to Christians, and am puzzled by this man's actions.

    Or was he making an assumption based on my general appearance: black hair, dark green nail polish, and funky jewelry? If so, then that opens a whole 'nother kettle of worms.

    Ideas, input, information, and/or objections requested.


    Jim said...

    I wonder if anyone makes a jammer against the Jesus-dar?? I think I just saw a flash of lightning...

    Beav said...

    It's possible that he "knew you needed help" because he had never seen you at his church. One of the oddities I've long been amused and astounded by is the belief that the "we're right, they're wrong" attitude often gets all the way down to a specific congregation. Or perhaps you hadn't wished him a "blessed day" and therefore you couldn't have been saved enough (or whatever).

    Of course, there's always the response a buddy from High School gave when opening the door to a JW: "I'm sorry, we worship Satan in this house. But thank you."