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  • And the eyes have it

    It has been brought to my attention that I don't look people in the eye very often. Interesting, as I thought I did a fairly good job of it. Now that I've been concentrating, it turns out that it really depends on how close the other person is.

    If there's an arm's-length or more, I'm good. Any closer, and I have to force myself. Weird.

    You know what else is weird? I am an attention whore who does not take compliments well.

    Early this morning, one of our first customers of the day noticed my new lavender sweater and said that it was a very good colour for me, that it made my skin "radiant." I got very flustered and stammered something that I hope sounded like "Thank you" but probably sounded more like "derr derr." Apparently, I am all "look at me, look at me, but just don't tell me you like me!"


    Olyvia Smiles said...

    You crack me up!

    Anonymous said...

    and why are you talking about me? hahah
    i'm saying..yeah..im like that too..about the whole thing XD