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  • ...and the joke's on me

    Turns out that stolen debit card number wasn't a scrape, upload redirect, or outright theft of my daughter's card while shopping.

    The card used to steal hundreds of dollars from me was actually my card to The Girl's account (it's a joint account) and the only thing I can figure is that it was in basket between the front seats where I kept my CDs.

    They bought lots of hats at Champs and cheap costume jewelry at the mall, lots and lots of who-knows-what at Family Dollar and Dollar General in a part of town where I wouldn't ever use my card, some breakfasts and lunches at some crappy fast food places, and even tried to set up recurring payments for their burner cellphone. (PS--thank you, VZW prepaid, for denying the card. I don't know why you did, but you did, and for that, I can't thank you enough.)

    The detective on the case of my stolen car couldn't be bothered to pick up his damn phone or even set up his voicemail correctly, so I was transferred to a different detective for the credit card fraud. Detective #1 did nothing concerning my stolen car, even leaving it up to a beat officer to contact me when the car was found in a neighboring state. Detective #2 found store security video footage of the same woman using my debit card several times at the same location by the end of the first day of his investigation.

    While I have little hope that anyone will ever give up this girl (snitches get stitches here), I at least have my faith restored that there is at least one person who will actually work to earn their taxpayer-funded paycheck in this county.

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