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    The Boy is having some cosmetic dentistry adventures.

    The backstory is that when he was a baby, he was a human garbage disposal. In trying to eat everything he could get into his mouth, he discovered lemons, and liked them so much, he always wanted lemon slices when we were having dinner out. It continues to this day, the eating like a refugee at the buffet and his love of lemons.

    When his adult teeth started growing in, they were an odd tan color, with the tips of his top two teeth a darker tan color. His first dentist told us the enamel was damaged, but he was too young to do anything about it, except stop feeding him those damn lemons.

    Six years later and a new dentist, who agrees the enamel is damaged, but there's this new product out, let's give that a try. So he makes a "partial" mouth tray for just his top teeth (half price!) and sold us a "touch-up" kit of tooth whitener plus "mineral restorative." Total savings: $400.

    Four weeks later, and his teeth are almost pearly. Time to visit the dentist for an update. The darker tan spots are now light tans spots, and the bland tan on the rest of the teeth is gone. The shine is back as well.

    So the dentist decides he wants to try to buff those stubborn spots off. While he chats with his assistant, The Boy whispers to me, "They aren't going to use sandpaper, are they?"

    I whispered back, "Heck, no. This is a dentist's office, not a construction site. They don't use sandpaper here."

    So the dentist uses this pencil-like tool to buff the teeth and it works! But then he says he's going to "shape them up a bit." He changes tips on this tool, from a pointy-thing to a round, flat disc. The Boy asks, "What's that?"

    The dentist replies, "Sandpaper."

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