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  • A rose by any other name...

    I have developed an extended definition of a common word, and am considering submitting it to Webster's.

    Catwalk n: the movement of a feline across a keyboard, particularly a laptop keyboard, esp if the movement involves jamming the keys.

    We suffered a catwalk recently when I inadvertently left Mister's laptop open. Didn't matter if it was running, the cat stomped across the keypad, did her little circle dance and then plunked down for a nap. Later I attempted to copy some files using a desktop shortcut. Because the shift key had been jammed, all I managed to copy was about 50 desktop icons three times. Do you have any idea what a desktop looks like with 150 icons crowding around? (Please note, this is not my laptop. You wanna know why there's 50 icons on the desktop, ask Mister. My desktop is clutter-free, unlike the house that surrounds it.)

    After much cursing and ugly faces directed toward the cat, I managed to unjam the shift key, delete the excess icons, swear at Mister for having so many icons anyway (and that's after I've cleaned it up a bit, creating folders for certain categories, all of which he blithely ignores), and get back to business. And this time, I won't forget to close the lid!

    Mission accomplished, future catwalks curtailed, life goes on.

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