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  • the one about a very big pain and the boy who looks like a chick

    Peeps, I have misplaced the notes I made for my compendium site "Jackass: The Research." I had watched both movies--within 24 hours, mind you--and had made a note of every joke, every stunt, every bad prank and at what time in the film they occurred.

    Recently, I engaged in a bit of "Home Makeover." My dining room's far wall was a literal bank of technology and looked a mess. I bought cabinets to replace the desks and downsized a ton of junk. One does not realize the massive amount of rain forest one accumulates over the years until one has to remove 90% of it en masse.

    And now the notes are gone.

    What this means for you is that you will have to wait longer for my research site to be ready. What this means for me is that I will have to watch those damn movies again. I think this time I will actually watch the 'unrated' versions, since that is what most teens and young adults are watching. The plan is to also eventually watch the regular seasons as well, at least until my brain explodes.

    By the way, has anyone invented the Brain Cleanser Brush yet?


    On a side note, I wanted to point out that while Swangirl's Cygnet no longer looks like Ty Pennington, he now looks like that little yellow chick from the Loony Toons cartoons. You remember the one with Foghorn Leghorn in the rickety henhouse who decides to schmooze up ol' Prissy because her henhouse is all nice and cozy--"I need your love to keep me warm!" But Prissy says she can't marry him unless he makes nice with her son, Egghead, Jr. The kid proceeds to outwit, outmaneuver, and blow up Foghorn until he declares, "I've got my bandages to keep me warm!" as he stomps off into the sunset.

    Check this out:

    Maybe it's just me, but...

    It probably helps (me) that Egghead, Jr was my absolute favorite character from the Warner Bros/Loony Toons stable of cartoons ever. My favorite individual cartoon, however, will forever be the "Spear and Magic Helmet" bit with Bugs and Elmer doing the opera.


    Beav said...

    I find it very interesting that you call that episode "Spear and Magic Helmet" when most call it "Kill the Wabbit." Are you somehow opposed to killing the wabbit?

    Though, incidentally, the title is "What's Opera, Doc?"

    Soo Mi said...

    Yeah, but the whole 'magic helmet' thing is the best part!

    "Norf winds bwow! Sowf winds bwow! Wightning! Funder! Typhoons! Hurwicanes! SMOG!"

    Swangirl said...

    Oh Lord...I hadn't made the connection until now but he DOES look kinda like Egghead, Jr.!

    My favorite is "The Bunny of Seville."

    Come into my shop, let me cut your mop!

    Soo Mi said...

    Ha! That one's a very close number two--it's harder to sing.

    Yep, you're next! You're so next!