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  • It's my birthday! *Updated*

    Today is my birthday!

    Here was me, back when I was 17.

    Here's me, 17 years (and 3 kids) later:

    I'm on the left. I'm also the only one who's sober.

    update: Tom on mySpace declared my birthday as being the highest traffic day for mySpace ever. I totally rock.


    Beav said...

    "Owwwwww....hubba hubba!"

    (Dude, she's married.)

    "Uh...that was for Bob...uh, really...crap."

    Swangirl said...

    I love the acid-washed denim skirt. Gotta love those rockin' 80s.

    I hope you had a kickin' birthday, girl! The Cygnet and I raise a toast in your general direction.

    Soo Mi said...

    It was pretty good. The kids took me out to dinner, I got to order as though I eat like a pig (took most of it home), and no one got in trouble for fighting or arguing during the whole trip. +5 bonus!

    PS: not only acid-wash, but button-fly!

    Beav said...

    Wow. They were really putting on the good behavior!

    Anonymous said...

    I like to poop on cats.

    -Ibod Catooga

    lowercase becky said...

    Soo, If I'd pull my head out of my ass, I might have found out on Friday that it was your birthday. I feel so bad. Happy belated birfday! I thought you said you were fat with big boobs! You had me thinking you looked more like me! Damnit! Doesn't anyone look like me? No, wait, you aren't 54! Way to go Soo!!!!! becky