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  • Because the mind is a terrible thing

    I do not watch a lot of television, and I haven't watched MTV since about 1989. Thanks to Fark, I was tempted into watching the Britney Spears clip from the MTV music awards held recently.

    Never mind that she has agreed that being barely dressed and gyrating around the stage is how she bests sells her music. Never mind how she did look pretty good compared to some who'd given birth to two children in a short span of time, and when compared to some of the anorexic waifs the media has labeled 'beautiful.'

    What kept me shaking my head in horror was just how stoned she appeared to be. She could not complete any of the dip-type moves; it seemed as though she had a steel rod inserted the length of her spine. She could barely keep her feet, either, and would stagger in a tipsy fashion whenever she was required to walk from one space to the next. Long before the end, it was obvious she wasn't really singing.

    Yes, I know many stars lip-synch at awards shows. I also know that some choose to sing. I'm thankful she was not one of them. Adding 'remember the lyrics to my own damn song' to her mix last night would have been the ultimate disaster, although it's hard to imagine anything worse.

    I just find it so very sad and pathetic that a person with so much potential could have thrown her life away for.... What? What did she gain with all the drugs and the alcohol and the head-shaving crazy? If she can't perform live without allegedly doping or being drunk, should she have custody of her kids?

    One of the Farkers likened Ms Spears' life to a train wreck. I would have laughed if it wasn't so very sadly true.

    The right help is out there if she really wants it.

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