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    I am in a strange mood.


    I have a brother named for an obscure Canadian hockey player from the 1950s, a sister with no middle name, a sister named after an uncle's unrequited love, a sister named after a guy my dad met somewhere he can't recall, and a brother who wasn't named after anybody in particular although my dad is pretty certain those are "family names," whose obstetrician during the birth was rip-roaring drunk.

    I'm probably the lucky one of the bunch. I was named after the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a "beloved" uncle. The uncle in question was a drug pusher and an alcoholic who liked to wake up to a nice, cold 40 oz every day, and whose skin is such an unusual color it can only be described as 'Christmas red,' and who really freaks my kids out just by smiling at them. The now-remarried ex-wife, I've heard, has long since become a lawyer.


    Well, I did warn you.


    Beav said...

    It's just around the corner to the left.

    So, the other Soo is a lawyer? Then I guess I can see why uncle druggie divorced her.


    Soo Mi said...

    Well, they did have a kid together, and she never was "into" the drug scene. I expect she wanted to raise her child away from all that, since after the divorce, no one ever saw them again until the boy was an adult.

    How they hooked up in the first place is a mystery to me, and I'm to afraid of this truth to ask.