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    Today I witnessed the penultimate in dumbassery. It was so fantastic, I doubt I shall ever see anything as idiotic as what happened today. That's really saying something, because I have a preteen son, and he is yet unfinished.

    Picture in your mind.....

    A spur road, winding gracefully along the length of a college campus, busy with students anxious to begin the new semester.

    A young man astride his gas-friendly scooter, driving purposefully along the spur... with one hand on the handlebars, the other clutching his cellphone to his ear.

    No helmet.

    No safety gloves.

    No eye protection.

    Backpack hanging too far to one side of his back.

    Yes, my friends, I have seen everything. You can all go about your business and stop trying to impress me, because if you're honest with yourself, how can you possibly top that without adding a talking monkey?


    Dan said...

    I'm stunned that a person could actually carry on a conversation on a cell-phone while moving on a scooter. You'd think it would be a little too noisy.

    So, I'm going to kind of think that maybe he was just listening to tunes on his cell instead of talking to someone.

    Of course, either way, it's still just as freakin' dumb.

    Anyway, though I can't top it, the craziest/dumbest I've seen is that there's a guy who rides a motorcycle with a sidecar around town this time of year...

    Again, normally, that's not terribly crazy, but this is Wisconsin, and I've seen him out in below zero temps.

    Soo Mi said...

    Just in winter? Holy cow. That is crazy.