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  • Yesterday's tomorrow is now today!

    And water is wet. Just in case you didn't know.

    A very warm fuzzy and best wishes for an excellent 2008, Lovely Readers! What's in store for you?

    I have one more semester of Biology before the most painful series of my college endeavors comes to a close.

    I have 2000+ pounds to lose before me move to an as-yet-determined location. Two thousand pounds of household junk, that is.

    I will be enrolling the fam at the YMCA. Our local hosts kids' aerobics classes as well as for grown-ups, open swim time in the pool, and ping-pong. My goal is to drop a stone or three and climb their rock wall. Mister's goal is to pass his PT test. My goal for the kids to get them off their butts and try new stuff. Or at least shut off the Wii.

    We will more than half our debts this spring, and delete them by the end of summer. Except for The Albatross, but Mister seems pretty keen on keeping that. "Income," he calls it. Whatev.

    At some point this summer, I will visit my family. Maybe. :P

    And so here's me, wishing you and yours a most excellent and fantasmajestic 2008. As always, mi casa es su casa. The kettle's always ready!

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