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  • Snow Day with Edmund

    I found this guy, Edmund, through Rinda's Question of the Day. He's originally from Floriduh, and experienced his first snow in an unexpected place: Atlanta. His video diary really appealed to the shrink in me.

    I grew up in the Great White North. I never really thought about all the people who live in snow-free zones. I honestly never wondered if they knew what they were missing; my mom had instilled in us this universal truth: if you never try It, you'll never miss It. Granted, that was her way of gently denying us things she couldn't afford, but it really does apply to a lot of things: illegal drugs, street racing, sex on park bench, swearing at the police, and so on.

    Mister, originally from 'Bama, did not enjoy snow, but I think that was down to location. We were living in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. Traffic was insane no matter what the weather, except that bad weather multiplied the insanity to the power of -10. He hated it there. Moving to England actually provided less snow, and since England lays down more salt during the 'cold season' than can be found in the Dead Sea, Mister really wasn't so bothered by snow. Since leaving England, we haven't experienced much of any snowy weather.

    I've been missing it, but I will not move back to The Corridor just for the snow. I'd rather crucify myself even though I can't hammer in the other nail. No, I'll have to vacation for the snow, but that's okay. Most mountain cabins come with hot tubs!

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    Beav said...

    As a Florida boy myself, I've long wondered at the folks that "must have 4 seasons." What on earth for? I can visit Winter. Give me eternal Spring/Summer and I'm good. If I want to see pretty tree colors or the powdery white, I'll hop a plane (or pack up the car).