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  • on the road again

    So I take the family campster for an oil change. The dealership had changed the van over from regular to synthetic, and so now the price of a standard oil change has doubled for me. Yes, this fills me with ultimate joy.

    The service I received today from a private oil-change company was fast, friendly and excellent. The interior was even vacuumed out, which I did not expect. My van runs well. You can feel how happy it is to have clean oil and a topped-up transmission. However, I think they made a mistake.

    According to my window sticker, I don't need to return for a new oil change until July 22, or 135,000 miles, whichever comes first. My current odometer reading: 73,000 miles. I'm supposed to drive 62,000 miles by July 22 before my next oil change? Awesome!

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