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    Just this morning, I have read two separate cases of people buying sealed electronics only to get robbed. How did this happen? At some point between initial construction and the sale, the electronic item was replaced with rocks or a brick and then the package was sealed or resealed.

    1. Anyone who thinks a seal cannot be removed and then replaced without anyone noticing is grossly naive and/or has never hired a professional mover.

    2. Are people really that optimistic these days, or have I been a pessimist all these years and just not been aware of the fact?

    Open your electronic items before leaving the store, people! Even if it is a gift, at least you will spare some poor kid the pain of discovering that the DS he thought he was receiving was in fact a pile of rocks. By opening your 'sealed' electronics in the store, even at walmart, you will get instant satisfaction rather than have to go round in circles between seller and manufacturer, because each will do whatever they can to avoid issuing a refund. It is probably easier to return an automobile than it is to return electronics. (I've never returned a car, so I'm just guessing here.)

    Honestly, I wish they'd just set up a table right at the door for just this purpose, especially the electronics retailers.


    Beav said...

    I'm a peaceful guy, but the first person that had any issues with me returning the rocks that should have been cool gameness for my son would likely eat them.

    Soo Mi said...

    The idea, not addressed in my post, is that both the manufacturer and the retailer will accuse you of trying to pull a scam.

    Your a Type B to my Type A, but I do agree. Anyone refusing to do right by me will be either eating said brick/rocks or my fist, and/or will discover what it feels like to have a boot kicked up their butt.