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    I'm overweight, but we've discussed that before.

    In two days, I'll be among the unemployed. That'll be okay, because I've managed to use most of my pay wisely. It's a lovely feeling.

    I'm going to have some time on my hands, and I really don't want to do a lot of what really needs to be done: final unpacking and jettisoning useless crap.

    Instead, I've decided to exercise a film away every single day. I bought Mister a stationary bike with my first paycheck, and plan to "bike" my way through a new film every day. I'd like to watch films I've never seen before, although watching all the Star Trek films in order must be done, as it's never been done (by me) before.

    Mister has lists of films I've asked him to produce, based on the American Film Institute's "top films" list, as well as access to lists of Oscar winners and nominees for best film. Before I troll those lists to kit out my netflix queue, however, I'd like to ask my lovely readers for their input.

    Which films would you recommend? I do have some "don't go there" issues!

    1. No extreme comedy. Giggling + biking = big girl falls.
    2. No extreme weepy stuff. Let's just say I'm an moody rollercoaster and Mister gets disturbed when he returns home to a weepy blob.
    3. If it's anything like The Big Chill, I probably won't like it.
    4. Videodrome is right out. No exceptions.
    So go on. Challenge me. Perhaps your film will help me shed some cushion.

    PS... One more thing: no porn. I'm just not a porn-before-lunch kinda person, you know?


    Beav said...

    Rocky? It's got a montage.

    Soo Mi said...

    Beav. You know how I was brought up. Seen it. Other movies my parents thought were good "family" films:

    Airplane! (at the drive-in, it was a double-bill with a porn flick)
    Animal House
    Blade Runner
    Holy Grail
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Hamburger Hill
    Apocalypse Now
    Full Metal Jacket
    The Dirty Dozen

    ...and for irony, we watched "The Burning Bed" when it first aired on TV. At the end of the important scene, my father said, "Stupid bastard got was he deserved."