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    I was browsing at a discount store last week and found this:

    Yes, my friends, that truly is an Inaugural Lava Lamp. It is also, in my opinion, yet another example of why the rest of the world generally disregards the United States of America.


    Beav said...

    At least the object of worship is President rather than musician or NASCAR driver. 's gotta be worth something.

    Soo Mi said...

    Well, at Big Lots, it's worth $28.

    More seriously, yes, I see your point. Yesterday i was at a flea market and nearly every clothing booth had some form of Michael Jackson memorial t-shirt for sale. I saw only one that appeared to be original artwork, the rest appeared to have used paparazzi or concert shots and turned them into screen prints.

    I have a concert shirt that I bought when I saw George Strait. I adore him so much, I nearly hyperventilated when I saw him on stage for the first time. I like nearly every song he's ever made. If he sang a jingle for the playboy channel, I would probably watch just to hear it once or twice.

    Would I buy a "memorial" shirt if he died today? No. That's just f'n lame.