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  • fate of the nation

    I often complain about the sorry state of today's education, based on my own sad experiences in American public schools and the experiences of my children. I used to think that the bigger problems had their roots in the 1970s when the inner-city populations began increasing dramatically, causing a need to shift funding from rural to urban, creating a balance between the two although most ended up inadequately funded.

    Now I know it's worse than I thought. Randall Monroe of XKCD.com recently addressed a point-of-order that had tickled my brain in high school but never solidified as a proper horror: President John F Kennedy's lack of geography knowledge. I realize nearly all successful politicians hire speechwriters, but if I were in their shoes, I would do a little fact-checking prior to opening my fat gob and sticking a foot in.

    If a man that dumb can become president of the United States of America, either there's hope for my kids, or ours is a sorry nation indeed.

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