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  • Did you really just go there?

    I have catalogued various complaints concerning the status updates of certain Facebook users on my "friends" list. Most notably was a long, poorly-worded discourse on religion, beginning with a rant against those who frequently post prayer requests and then segueing into a statement of opinion against religion in general.

    Right now, I'd like to address the people who post medical issues online.

    You know what? I truly am sad your loved one had to go to the ER. I'm also sad they're admitting your loved one because of his/her ailment. I really hope he/she recovers quickly, because he/she has a new job/baby/dirigible. Did I need to be told that your loved one suffered from extreme diarrhea all weekend? I may have to look him/her in the eye next week. I'd rather not have that image, thank you very much.

    If people want the extreme details, why not leave it to them to contact you instead of posting it all out there? Maybe your loved one doesn't want anyone to know this stuff, and you're just charging on ahead regardless. All I'm asking is maybe you take a second look at how you announce information. Some things just don't need to be said out loud.


    On a mostly unrelated topic, am I the only person on this planet who thinks the new 3D ultrasound photos are creepy?


    Anonymous said...

    Well, since you are on the FB topic. I want it stated for the record if I see you referred to as MILF again, well diarrhea comments will be tame.

    Never seen a 3D ultrasound. What's the point?


    Beav said...

    It must be said. Dirigible made me chortle audibly.