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  • The one in which I swear. No, really.

    I love fall. Growing up in the North was spectacular, with the leaves of the deciduous trees changing into a riot of reds and oranges. Everywhere the breeze gets a little more noticeable and the summer heat winds down to a more tolerable level.

    I just wish it would hurry the fuck up and find Georgia!

    The other reason I adore fall is because the normally-occurring cooler weather causes middle-aged and post-middle-aged skanks to wear more than just a loose-fitting tank top over their droopy and often veiny cleavage. Do they even look in the mirror before leaving home? If they do, is it a circus mirror? I'm certain at the very least that they need their eyes checked, because they don't see what I see.

    And that which has been seen, cannot be unseen. Ever.

    Remember, ladies: the brassiere, while occasionally ill-fitting and uncomfortable, is your life-long friend. Just because you were hawt and the girls were perky in high school does not mean it's still a grand vista at 40(+).

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    Anonymous said...

    What?? You can't handle the sights at Wal-Mart?