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  • Bill Clinton's Other Lewinsky

    Just a quick note from me. I want you all to read this. It's a bit long-winded, hence my brevity.

    With kids in school, this article hit home like a safe dropping on my head. I was forced to recall the uncountable number of times I warned the kids about certain toys, behaviors, statements or actions that "might get you expelled because of Zero Tolerance!"

    I hate it.

    Consider this: I have to worry about whether my child takes the house key on a linked chain less than one inch long. Apparently, that's dangerous! However, I don't have to worry if I send that same house key on any type of roped lanyard, despite the obvious choking hazard (accidental or otherwise).

    The concept of zero tolerance is turning our nation's children into fearful paranoids who may constantly worry they'll be kicked out of school or lose their scholarship over literally any thing. Our children are growing up learning to fear so-called authority, from school administration to the police, and are losing faith in the courts.

    I used to believe that as long as you were honest, and did your best to follow the law (no matter how stupid it may be), your Personal Integrity would pull you through. Now, my advice is to keep your head down, your eyes and ears closed, and your mouth shut.



    Beav said...

    I think "zero tolerance," given its head, could really strain the fabric of our society. (I've always wanted to use that phrase) Fairness is at the heart of what we teach our children. It's not fair to cut in front of others; it's not fair to hog the ball; it's not fair to beat up on those that are smaller than you. Zero tolerance is the epitome of unfairness. I forgot I had a plastic butter knife in my backpack, so I get punished exactly the same as a kid who whipped out a .45 automatic and threatened to shoot his teacher.

    Once we've eliminated the sense of fairness, and taken Justice along with it, what holds my family to yours to someone else's? What keeps everyone from going postal on everyone else or hiding in seclusion?

    I don't know.

    Elitist City-Dweller said...

    I'll be curious to see what happens when the backlash arrives. Sorry, did I just say "lash," as in "whip." I think I hear a siren. Oh shit, call my lawyer.

    Elitist City-Dweller said...

    And I thought Paula Jones was Clinton's other Lewinsky.