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    Check this.

    Just about as funny as it gets. I mean, there is no mistaking the resemblance. It's an absolute riot factory of joy that only gets better as the article wears on. The 'quote' by the lawyers is just priceless:

    "My client is tired of being the butt of jokes about his sexuality," said Mr. Cruise' attorney Marvin Keister. "The Mission Insertable butt plug is offensive not only on its face but also in its subversion of an orifice that Scientologists believe is next to godliness."

    This is The Best comedy in print I've experienced in such a long time. It was quite a let-down to discover that it was in fact just comedy.

    Thanks, Pug Bus, for the best damn laugh this side of Dodgeball!

    1 comment:

    Beav said...

    As soon as I saw the "butt of jokes" comment by his attorney, I was sure it had to be satire. But you're right; it was absolutely hillarious!