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    Okay, I'm a late-bloomer in the Wil Wheaton fanclub.

    I enjoyed his work on TNG. Of course I liked Stand By Me. I wish I'd seen more of him, but we moved to England for a while, and I lost track. Okay, I simply forgot he existed except whenever I brought up how much my now-punk younger sister absolutely adored Debbie Gibson, NKOTB, and Wil Wheaton.

    Checking out imdb tells me I need to get on with the catching up.

    He's also a pretty cool writer. His blog is always worth the visit, and I'm buying myself a copy of his first book for Christmas. He's also got me rethinking my DnD days, and whether my kids will get into it the way they went for the Yugi-Oh crap. I think we'll start with Munchkin, a game that seemingly everybody's played except us ('cause we're dorks, not geeks), and see where that goes.

    Why am I going on and on about Wil Wheaton? Because he's got his own tag on Fark. That so totally rocks, I'm completely freaked out about it.

    Absolute respect for Crusher! I mean, Florida's got their own tag, but it's never a good thing when Florida's on Fark. A Wheaton tag, on the other hand, is the pinacle of respect. That's better than winning the photoshop and not using the Mosher Girl.


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