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  • Once more, with feeling!

    Thank you very much, gracious readers and wonderful friends, for all your love and support during the first week of Mister's delightful deployment. Your kindness has not gone unrewarded!

    We now have An Address!

    For anyone who would like to send Mister some snail mail, but who is not in my email address book, please click the Brand-New Link above! My computer takes me to MSN's hotmail; I am not responsible for what your computer does, just get that email to me! :)

    By the way, while you're clicking on this link, please consider why you're not in my email address book and then prepare the depths to which you will sink in begging my forgiveness for overlooking me in your internet exploits. You will definitely be forgiven, regardless--I may be Italian, but it takes a lot more than not emailing me to incur The Grudge!

    Mister tells me he has now moved out of his 'tent' and into a 'chu.' What's a 'chu'? Bless you. No, seriously. A 'chu' is a type of camper. Picture a POD container with a regular entry door, a/c, a bed and a footlocker. I suggested that all he needs now is a rusty jeep on blocks and an old toothless hound under the boardwalk 'porch' to complete the image.

    As stated above, please email me for more information and to request photo forwarding. I won't send what you don't want, but I also won't post it here. Love, happy chi and excellent karma to all!


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