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  • Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours Ago-oh-oh

    There are things in life that are a must-do. I've decided that this one is the ultimate:

    I wanna be Forensicated!

    Trolling Fark, I found this article about British police and a new service fee: pay us, or you have to risk picking up your stolen vehicle yourself. Oh, and we will only check for clues after your check clears. What? You didn't pay? Sucks to be you. Hope that works out well for you and your insurer.

    You only have to read the first three or four paragraphs. The rest is redundant and/or tripe, as per typical British news reporting.*

    Just so you know, 105 UK pounds is nearly $200 USD. A fee to get policemen to do their damn job, which is already paid for by taxpayers. Lovely.

    Also, FYI: the British do not engage in solid registration of vehicles the way Americans do. When you purchase a vehicle, you get a certificate that lists you as the "keeper" of the vehicle, which is supposed to remain in the vehicle at all times. If you sell the vehicle, you just fill out the tear-off portion at the bottom and mail it into their version of the DMV. And yes, forgery is easy-peasy one-two-threesy. When it comes to who owns what vehicle, possession is 10/10ths of the law.

    The Social-Welfare State comes at a price. Apparently, that price is 105 pounds Sterling.

    *Compared to US news reporting, however, it's almost downright intelligent!


    Vika said...

    Ugh. Stupidity. And they pay a lot more in taxes, too.

    lowercase becky said...

    Soo, my best friend is stationed at Lakenheath AFB, and from what she has told me about taxes and fees, i have no doubt about the extortion to get your car back if stolen. it's pretty wild over there. and now they are talking about raising the fee to drive in London, to reduce traffic congestion. so, what's the penalty if you don't pay? firing squad? lcb