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  • This can only end well, take 2

    So I'm trolling on Fark and discover that the Gods of the Olympics Committee have decided that Chicago will host the Olympic Games of 2016. Yes, I can see how this could happen.

    Because everyone knows that if China can clean up their act (aesthetically, not morally, of course) then bringing the Olympics to a vermin-infested sinkhole like Chicago will smooth out this rough city like a fresh round of Botox on Joan Rivers.

    Let's see about Chicago. What's Chicago really, really like?
    Statistics are from 2000
    /doodly-doo, doodly-doo, doodly-doo/

    • population of Chicago (city only): nearly 2.9 million and growing
    • families with children living in poverty: 84,598
    • families earning less than $10k per year: 68,431
    • adults, age 25+, 9th grade or less education: 225,497
    • grandparents caring for minor grandchildren: 41,328

    Crime statistics aren't that great, either:
    Statistics are from 2003

    • murders are 2.70 times national average: 598
    • all violent crimes are 2.18 Xs national average: 37,684
    • all property crimes are on par, actually: 144,622
    • there were no forcible rapes in 2003.
    Okay, so there is a bright side to Chicago. Sure, you're twice as likely to get murdered, robbed or assaulted, but you're less likely to be raped.

    Yay, Chicago!

    PS: You must click on Joan. I dare you. I triple-dog-dare you.

    Many thanks to About.Com and CityRating.Com for their lovely statistics reports!


    Vika said...

    Eek. Well, maybe it really will be a good thing for the city!

    Vika said...


    Zenka said...

    Kinda find it hard to believe there were no forcible rapes, but easier to believe there were no reported forcible rapes!
    (WZ, BTW)