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    Okay, so I'm fat.

    With each kid, I packed on an extra 20 lbs that I just didn't bother to remove (except with that first one--I really wanted to keep my job with the Air Force). Then came those birth control shots which packed another 20 lbs on in one month that made me so depressed, I nearly couldn't function for the next 3 years. No parties (and I loves me a party, esp when I'm the hostest with the mostest and everyone adores me for it), no outings, no fun.

    Then we moved to Hampton Roads in Virginia (it's a region, not a specific place). There are tons of things to do, beaches, fun fun fun. And here I am, overweight, no energy, and ashamed of recent photographs. I was also diagnosed with a degenerative kidney disease, and my blood pressure is now dangerous without meds.

    So I discuss this with my doc, who turns out to be a 0% bodyfat vegan health nut who rides his bike 20 miles per day regardless of rain, snow, or alien invasion. He claims that a woman of my stature (or lack of stature) should be about 100-110 pounds. My response? "Dude, I just wanna see 150 again."

    So we try South Beach. It worked for a short time and I lost about 20 lbs, finally seeing under 200. But South Beach was a pain to follow. I quit that, but realized my stomach was smaller and so willed myself to not stuff myself with every meal. I've not seen 200 again.

    Then we try 40/30/30, but that's a pain, too. All that counting. I'm good at maths, but damn!

    Now I'm trying WeightWatchers. I'd done it before, but had no motivation at the time. Now that my life is at stake, I'm willing to apply myself. I've cranked up my water consumption, which has really improved my skin tone, by the way. I'm not so good at writing down everything I eat, but I'm more conscious now of whether I eat enough veggies each day. Going out to eat has become a trial, especially with my buffet-loving monkey kids, but we're all working together to help Mom get healthy. What I eat, they eat. Nobody's special around here.

    My total loss so far is only 5.5 pounds after two months. You might think that's really sucky, but I haven't been this "thin" in a long time. Think about that for a while as I carry on.

    Why has it taken me so long to lose just over 5 pounds?

    There are lots of things I can blame. I have a torn tendon in my right foot that flares up from time to time. Shortly after beginning WW, my foot began to torment me, so no exercise. Also, I've been trotting all over the county for my kids' soccer events 5 days a week after school as a single parent, so planning dinners has been tricky.

    But ultimately, the blame is mine. I could have been doing qigong and stretching exercises until the swelling went down. I could have been packing meals-to-go so that we could all eat in the car. But I didn't.

    The good news is that I feel bad about that. The better news is that the swelling has gone down, and I'm ready to start something new to work up a sweat.

    I love to dance. Mister and I took some lindy-hop lessons and they were so much fun. I like to boogie around the house while I tidy up. I actually liked "Sweatin' to the Oldies" with Richard Simmons, except he's such an annoying little git. I recently purchased an exercise program which uses salsa dance as exercise, and I'm really excited about trying that.

    Plus, summer is here, and my bike is calling me. With Mister gone, the monkeys and I will be doing a lot of family biking this summer to pass the time in the evenings.

    Who knows? Perhaps before the end of summer, I'll be seeing that 150 on my scale. Maybe I'll get really lucky and see an even smaller number. Keep up with me while I journey down the numbers.

    Food is my life. I love food, I dream of food, I love feeding people, and very little warms me like having someone tell me how yummy my food is. Cheesecake is my vice. I recently made an all-natural, full-fat classic cheesecake that is 3 inches tall in the middle and so creamy, so yummy, it truly is sinful. I've only had two skinny slivers of it, because I know what's in there, and how devastating it can be. Plus, it's so indulgent, a skinny sliver is enough for anybody!

    But I need alternatives. I need cheesecake the way a meth junkie needs another fix. So I found this recipe on the Reader's Digest website that I plan to try soon. If you try it before I report on my attempt, let me know about it.


    Brian said...

    "Gimme that weather report. What do you make of this, Johnny?"

    "I can make a hat, a broach, a pteradactyl..."

    Zenka said...

    Studies show food does treat depression, so anyone can see how hard it would be to change eating habits.
    The good news is that when you change your eating habits, after a couple weeks (maybe a little longer) your body stops craving certain things. It worked for me for both sugar and fat (sugary fat is my weakness and my addiction!).
    I've lost about 60 lbs, but I have 40 to go and have been fudging around on it. I do need to get moving, but I'm a slothful, peaceful sort. :P I have arthritis in my hips, knee, and lower back, so I sympathise with the pain issue.
    Maybe we can form a support group and back each other up and anyone else who needs it!
    I do tend to use www.calorie-count.com to help me keep track of things. Also I have a hula exercise DVD - I'm hoping my daughter's love of hula will help keep me motivated (but holy hannah, those women burn a lot of energy, I made it 10 minutes into the 1/2 program the first time!)

    Soo Mi said...

    Hula? As in Hawaiian dance or using a hula-hoop?

    If it's dance, I'm in, where do I get a copy? If it's the hoop, fuggedaboudit--I'm dangerous with those things!

    Zenka said...

    Hawaiian dance! I'll dig up the links to the two I have. :)

    Soo Mi said...

    Excellent! As stated before, I love to dance. Hawaiian dance has always appealed to me as a high-class version of belly dancing.

    For some reason, I can see myself in a grass skirt and a pair of coconuts, but not dressed like Genie!

    Vika said...

    Hey, don't be so down, either-5.5 lbs in a month's time is pretty healthy! If you lose more than 5-8 lbs a month, you'll basically be crashing your system and you'll yoyo back a lot more easily. I'm hoping to lose about 15lbs before my wedding in the next 2 months, so we can mutually support :D

    -V (from OS&RR)

    Soo Mi said...

    Actually, 5.5 lbs was over 2 months. That's the bummer for me.

    The good news is, since writing this column, I started that salsa-robics dvd (I suck at it right now, but that'll change) and I'm down another pound-ish. My scale only does whole numbers, so I don't know for sure.

    I also got outside yesterday and dug up a small portion of my yard for a rock garden. Yes, my lawn is so crappy that only rocks will grow!

    I got your email and will be ordering the DVDs you suggested. I went to a wedding a year ago where there was Hawaiian dance, and I loved it. It's gonna be fun to learn some, even if it is for exercise.

    Zenka said...

    Awesome, I was just wondering if you'd gotten that. :) The DVDs are fun, and the kids like it too (the 11 year old hulas with us)!