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  • Brave little toaster

    I decided to shirk work, eg finishing my flower garden, to go try out The Griffon divecoaster at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.


    That was absolutely awesome. I got to go in the front row, and it was amazing. I really thought I'd be scared, but while I was in line I took stock of all the really crazy things I've survived (see list below) and kept calm, even as I "dangled" for a few seconds face down and parallel to Earth.

    Crazy things I've survived:

    • rolled a car down a hill with no seatbelt on
    • walked on the roof of a one-story house
    • the third floor of our townhouse in England (eventually)
    • hanging my own christmas lights on my house
    • rollercoasters:
    • Millenium Force (front row)
    • Wicked Twister
    • Magnum XL
    • Mantis
    • Wildcat
    • Raptor
    • Meanstreak
    • other rides I can't remember
    • Alpengeist
    • Apollo's Chariot (do NOT sit on the far outside ever again)
    • Big Bad Wolf (okay, that one's not so scary)
    • Loch Ness Monster
    King's Dominion - Richmond
    • Drop Zone -Yes, I did that.
    • Anaconda
    • Berzerker -Yes, I did that, too. I think I actually went unconscious for a moment.
    • Hurler -a wooden coaster that totally kicks your ass.
    • Rebel Yell -a wooden coaster that totally kicks your ass frontwards and backwards.
    • Ricochet
    • Volcano
    • Italian Job Turbo -okay, the only "thrill" about this ride was the start--the rest was way lame, and the line for it was completely exposed to the hot, hot sun.
    About that Griffon. Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, there is no good warning about the g-forces that pull on the internal organs as the coaster swings out of the dive. At the end of my very short ride, two fellow passengers were hurling into the nearest trash bin, and many people were checking their pants to see if they'd wet themselves (including me).

    Info to shelf for later: there's a restroom right outside the ride's entrance. Either use it before taking the ride, or be prepared to buy an extra-long t-shirt from the kiosk next door to the restrooms. Or simply go on water rides until you're soaked first. Just a thought.

    *Edited 8:25 pm EST


    Beav said...

    When you get a chance, you have to head up a little further to King's Dominion. The G-Force (I think that's the name of it) is fantastic!

    Soo Mi said...

    Been there, done that, going back this summer. I forgot about that little place; will edit this post accordingly.