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  • Buffalo blues

    Today I had lunch at a new chainstaurant called "Buffalo Wild Wings." It's just another sports grill, but with a metric assload of wing flavors available, including a few that seemed, well, unpossible.

    While walking through the parking lot towards the building, I saw an average car with a pretty blue paint job. In admiring the color, I noticed the car was one of those Chevy Cobalts. I thought, "Finally! A Cobalt that's really cobalt!"

    Although this was the first time I'd ever seen a cobalt Cobalt, it wasn't the first time I'd wished I'd had some business cards that merely said, "You. Are. Awesome." so that I could leave one under the windshield wiper. I've also thought about making other cards that say things like, "Congratulations! You win the 'Biggest Asshole in the Parking Lot' prize!" "Please remove your trailer hitch before entering The Big City," and "Clearly, your mother did not raise you right."

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    Beav said...

    Hey...I got one of those last ones...