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  • Sometimes, All I Want To Be Is A Missing Person

    Warning: Totally and completely Not Safe For Work.

    Or reality, for that matter.

    Unfortunately for many, I am easily made to feel uncomfortable. For example, graphic depictions of sexual relations in movies and television programs make me want to hide my eyes. Sometimes I am outright offended, as I was while watching the most recent episode of Family Guy.

    Today, however, I laughed and said to myself, "Oh, that was so wrong." I may need therapy again.

    Thanks, Fark, for abusing my brain with this:

    This was posted in comments forum after Fark linked to a Wheaton blog post in which Wheaton shares his view of the Democrat primary candidates, particularly Mrs. Clinton.

    I'm not sure exactly what prompted Meatzilla to post this. Perhaps those smarter than me might help me out a little.

    1 comment:

    Dan said...

    It's pretty much all about tossing reality out the window and drinking the Kool-Aid and buying into political ideologies. The fact that it's superimposed over a picture of Jonestown kind of shows the hazard of Kool-Aid.