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  • This is the part where we blow up

    Recently I mentioned an impending exchange of a pound of flesh nearest my heart for a game console plus one game. I may get to keep that pound of flesh after all.

    It turns out that I haven't been paying attention. My Geek-Fu is obviously weak, what with the upcoming move and the high-intensity partying at the karaoke and such.

    Rock Band is being released for the Wii on June 22.

    Its imminent arrival was announced back in January, but not its specific release date.

    This is totally awesome. Not that I'll be buying it right away. Moving is tres expensive, and right now I want Wii Fit more than Rock Band.

    Wait... Did I just say that? My Geek-Fu is most definitely weak. Time for a Star Trek marathon to rejuvenate the soul!

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