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    I will soon shell out for yet another gaming console. We now have in our possession a PS1, PS2, NES, Gamecube, Wii, and several computers. We really don't need another console, since it's a rare treat for me to purchase another game. I also never felt the urge to buy an X-Box of any variety since more of us are not first-person-shooters, and the X-Box does not offer enough of a selection of E-rated games that would interest my Ninja and my Brat.

    Times, however, are a-changin'. After years of whinging and begging from The Boy, I have caved in and will purchase either the X-Box 360 or the PS3. But not because he wants it. I'm not that kind of parent.

    Last week on Fark, I read that Devo has finally reached agreements to allow downloads of their songs for play on Rock Band.


    Not for my son, but for Devo, will I fork out a small fortune for just one game. That's just how I roll.

    PS: if anyone wants to contact me with pros and cons of each console, feel free! I'm torn.


    Beav said...

    I'll say XBox 360 simply because I have it. It's much cooler. ;)

    keith said...

    Xbox 360 all the way. I had a regular Xbox until I realized how addictive they are. Xbox 360 is so real it will blow your mind....Check your email....


    Richard said...

    PS3 plays blu-ray movies.