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  • It's like deja vu all over again

    Earlier today, I'm driving the family campster, a nondescript minivan of a certain color with an out-of-state plate, when I find myself at a red light behind another vehicle. I do as one always does: I check it out. I see a nondescript minivan of the exact same brand and exact same color with a plate from the exact same state. The airhead in my brain says, "Hey! That's my car!"

    I swear, sometimes I go to bed completely amazed I survived my day.


    keith said...

    I thought we agreed that you would lay off of the Kool Aid for a while? Either that or stop pushing the Q tip in when you feel a slight pressure.....

    I'm guessing if you are an out of state plate...you must be back with Georgia on your mind by now???

    Soo Mi said...

    Mister keeps the van registered in his home state.

    We'll be joining him in GA next week. I'll get to renew my driver's license almost immediately. The DMV--I can hardly wait.