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    I was at the supermarket this morning. At the checkout, my eyes roamed the covers of the various star-stalker magazines and tabloids posted there. One magazine in particular caught my eye, because yet again this magazine is hyper-focused on the family of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They are so often focused on this family, they really ought to change their name from "Star" to "Brangelina."

    On the cover is a darling child with a headline indicating that this child has finally "met" its birth siblings. Never mind that the two celebrities have adopted a herd of munchkins, the only kids of theirs that the magazine really cares about are the ones they spawned. There are sidelines as well, including one that indicates that brad hugged his newborn twins to his bare chest.

    You know what's pathetic about that last line? I practically quoted that.

    Why is it important to know such intimate details about anyone's family life? Mister hugged his babies, with and without a shirt on. One was also a scary birth. I don't see any magazine giving a flying damn about that.

    I can't help but feel sorry for celebrities on the one hand, because everyone deserves a little privacy. On the other hand, I know that in most cases, these celebrities made the choice to become famous, and that loss of privacy was something they were aware was a side effect.

    However, I feel most sorry for the poor saps who buy the rags that delve so deeply into the personal lives of celebrities. Get your own life, people.


    Beav said...

    I've never understood why I was supposed to care about the break-up of two people I'm unlikely to ever meet. Or their marriage, or that one was screwing around on the other, or that one had decided to eat herself (never himself, oddly enough) into an early grave or some stupid such.

    I mean, who? Who cares? It's fairly sad that there are so many people that do. I can only echo your sentiment: "Get your own life, people."

    Anonymous said...

    Bu Bu But Soo how would I ever find out about the Human-Hyena-Jackal Hybirds ?
    Like Nanny Pelosi ; )
    I guess you right they'er real Fish Wraps.